How to Fix a Loose Kitchen Faucet

When you use a kitchen faucet a lot, there are chances that it will get loose over time. Well, there is nothing to worry because the good news is that you can fix it by yourself! However, it is always advisable not to leave it loose because it can interfere in the daily tasks which get done faster when it is tight and in place. You will not be able to turn off/on the faucet efficiently, which will get annoying at one point.



When the base of the faucet is loose, it moves freely, which is not pleasing at all. It can also rupture the water lines and may cause a leak in the future. So it is better to stop it right there and then you see the kitchen faucet getting loose. You can find the best kitchen faucets online if you feel like yours one is getting older.

There are new and trendy top rated kitchen faucets, which make it easy for you to work in the kitchen and that too faster. Along with that, you can read through the kitchen faucet guides to know how you can replace the entire faucet system and install a new one. When you tighten the loose kitchen faucet, it adds up to the irritation which you may go through when it is not fixed.

You will need to have a set of tools to get started with the fixtures of the faucet. Make sure you have hex head wrench set, flashlight, masking tape, screwdriver, basin wrench, and an adjustable wrench. When you have these basic things, you will be able to finish the task properly. Right tools help you get done with the fixtures quicker than anything else.

If you want to save money from the technicians, then it is better to learn how to do the faucet fixtures by yourself. You can analyze the problem and be a plumber of your own house. There are no hard and fast rules, but you have to follow the right steps.

Along with that, you can read the best kitchen faucet reviews to buy a new one or the top kitchen faucets so that you have advance faucets in your kitchen. There are auto faucets where you do not have to deal with the handles manual, but the water flows as soon as you place the hands under the tap. Isn’t that amazing? Well, if you think it is time to update the faucet then do not forget to check out the best kitchen faucets reviews.

Step by Step Procedure to Fix Faucet

Here are some of the steps for you to follow to get rid of the loose kitchen faucet.

Fixing the Kitchen Faucet Handles

Fixing Kitchen Faucet Handles

Step 1: Removing Objects

Remove anything which is near the faucet or the sink area so that you can reach the valves easily. The valves are at the back of the cabinet so you can find them easily. You have to turn off the supply of water by tightening the valve so that you can do the fixture.

Step 2: Examining Handle

Now look at the handle of the faucet and examine it. You will see the setscrew with the hex head on the base of the handle or the capes which are on the top of the handles.

Step 3: Setscrew Tightening

Next, you have to use the wrench and slide the sized hex head correctly to the setscrew which you located. By turning the setscrew clockwise, make sure they get tight. If you are not able to access the setscrew, then lift the handle down for the off position and up for the on position.

Step 4: Attaching Masking Tape

Now take the masking tape and wrap it around that area of the cap of the handles only if you do not see the hex handles. Make sure that the edges are not covered with the tape so that it can move quickly.

Step 5: Tightening the Cap

Bring the screwdriver head to the edge of the cap and slide it slightly. Gently lift the screwdriver and now take off the cap form the handle of the faucet. Here you can tighten up the setscrew with locating the cap under it. Move it clockwise to tighten it up. When it gets tight, then you can remove the cap from it and if you need to, then replace the cap as well.

Now you can remove the tape from the handle and turn on the valves so that it can have the normal flow of water in the faucet.


Fixing the Base of Faucet


Fixing the Base of Faucet

Step 1: Removing Objects

If there is any object near the faucet or the cabinet of the sink, make sure to remove it so that you can reach the valves which are behind the cabinet. Turn off the water supply entirely by turning the valves clockwise.

Step 2: Sliding Back

Now you have to slide back into the cabinet. Make sure you have a flashlight to look at the base of the faucet. If you need assistance, then get your spouse/children/siblings with you to fix the faucet base.

Step 3: Losing Nuts

Get the wrench and loosen the nut which is on the faucet base inlets holding the hose of the water supply. As the nut loses, remove it by turning it clockwise with hand or the wrench.

Step 4: Tightening with Wrench

Now get to the basin nuts which are at the sink base. Tighten it up until it is strong enough not to lose again with the help of the wrench. There will be another nut at the same place, repeat the same tightening procedure.

In the end, reconnect the lines of water and then turn on the valves so that water can flow smoothly out of the faucet.


Instead of relying on the technicians who will charge you with heavy amounts, if you know the method by yourself, you can fix the kitchen faucet quickly. However, the removal process may be lengthy, but there is nothing impossible which you cannot learn.

You have to perform the fixing series by yourself to know how convenient it is and how easily you can save money. Consider it as a DIY project and challenge yourself with something new today to do the fixture by following this guide.

How to Fix a Loose Kitchen Faucet

Are you tensed about your Loose Kitchen Faucet? Here is step by step guide about how to fix a loose Loose Kitchen Faucet.

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